I want to share with you explorations into self awareness, self expression and human connection to help you discover your full human potential.

Through my experience as a performer and a coach I’ve witnessed huge positive change in the way my clients and I experience and live our lives.

Deeper human connection, intimate self knowledge and skillful expression of our natural talents are the results of this work which originated in the performer training world and now includes human potential research.

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Embodying Gratitude

What is joy? What is happiness? What is the difference? Those who experience joy most in their lives PRACTICE gratitude. They aren’t just born grateful people. This practice must also be FELT in the body to have its profound, joyful effects. Use this Embodied Gratitude Exercise to bring more joy in to your life on a daily basis or in times of struggle.

Playing with Positive Emotion

Many of us don’t know how we feel inside emotionally at any given moment and if we do, we are often in the sad or angry camp. Of course, the human experience includes all tones of emotion so there are no emotions that you “shouldn’t feel”. There can be a tendency for us, however, to lose sight of positive happy emotions or even forget what they feel like in our bodies! For those of you out there who want to become aware of how you feel emotionally and explore the happy camp and cultivate more of this experience in your life, try this simple exercise.

The Gratitude Game – Deepening any relationship in 5 to 10 minutes. For 2+ Players

Bring the play back in to getting to know each other. It’s hard to be vulnerable when getting to know someone better, so let’s make it fun! The Gratitude Game gives you the opportunity to express why you like or love someone in a way that opens up a deep communication channel. Try it round the dinner table, at the office party or having a cup of tea with your mum and watch how your relationship changes in minutes.

A Restful Meditation – How to Relax, Sleep and Recharge in 10 minutes

Rest can be the most healing thing for us but do we ever get enough? And even when we do get the time, are we just stressing out and can’t really relax? Try out this guided meditation on how to really rest.

Warning: Side effects include an unexpected nap, a great night’s sleep, relaxation and recharged batteries.

The Pleasure Seeking Walk

If you’re stuck inside all day at home or the office or if you feel like you don’t know how to enjoy nature OR you’re just feeling a bit crap, try this Pleasure Seeking Walk on for size and find a new appreciation for the outdoor by connecting it to your inner experience through the senses. Bonus feature: do it with a friend to double the pleasure!

Gravity Meditation – Sinking in to the Moment

We’re playing around with gravity in today’s meditation. As you give in to gravity physically, watch your resistance to the moment also let go. Watch politics, opinions and mental noise disappear as you sink further in to gravity and feel what it feels like to live with a lot less effort.

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