I was auditioning for A Chorus Line, and it had been 3 years since I’d performed. I wanted to prepare for the singing aspect of the audition.

I’m a yoga teacher, and have been studying and working from a somatic perspective for a few years.

I had recently been taking part in some Fitzmaurice Group classes, at Arts Ed, where I work. I was bowled over by it! So I asked the teacher if she knew of any Fitzmaurice teachers who worked with singers as well as actors. She recommended Craig!

I wanted to work with my voice from a somatic perspective and to explore the emotional and psychological barriers that create blockages in my voice and how I perform. I was looking for a tuned in way to find greater freedom, expression and potential in both my voice and my performance as a whole.

After speaking with Craig on the phone, and the recommendation I had received, I felt a good vibe. I liked the coaching based approach and how the sessions are tailored to the individual.

Working with Craig for a few months opened up a world of possibility for me as a singer, an actress and a human being. As I’ve gone on to work with Craig on another character project, and during times of great personal upheaval, I have found true magic in learning how to work ‘with’ my nervous system. I have learned how to dig deep into a character, my voice and myself. It’s moved me beyond the crippling fear of ‘am I good enough’, and shown me exciting ways to work with emotions, fears and insecurities that are process driven and contribute to the connection, truth and aliveness of a performance.

I now feel so excited for where this could go. It feels like the key to unlocking my potential.

Craig is empathic and wise. He really listens and works with what’s in the room. I feel comfortable bringing my whole self and know I always experience a shift that feels profound. Thank you!


Actor, Singer and Yoga Teacher, London

I was having big problems with nerves, and a friend suggested that I have a singing lesson with Craig before a big audition to go through the songs.

The lesson went so well – I was learning new things about my voice technically and left feeling so confident! I knew afterwards that I wanted to explore where my voice could go, and how to negotiate different areas of singing that I’d never really tried before. So I started up lessons again when I was in rehearsals, and my confidence grew – he’s great at ensuring you explore different ways of producing the sound you want, and in a way that’s supportive to the material.

Craig is brilliant at putting you at ease and lessons are so much fun! I am so pleased and my technique has improved so much!


Actor and Singer, The Grinning Man, West End, London

Find your way back to yourself

Craig is an inspiring and deeply knowledgeable teacher. His warmth and playfulness create a safe and nurturing environment for his students. His love of people and sense of humour make each of his lessons memorable and a joy to be part of.

Helena Walsh

European Director of The Fitzmaurice Voicework Institute & Artistic Director and Founder of Helena Walsh Voice Studio, Temple Bar, Dublin

I have always enjoyed singing and I wanted someone to help me unlock certain parts of the voice that I felt were intimidating and difficult. For example, range and different genres other than legit Musical Theatre.

I chose Craig to help me with this because, after seeing him in online tutorials, he seemed the type to always want to learn himself and not be narrow minded to one method. He also sounded great.

  • I’ve learnt so much from Craig, he’s helped me with…
  • How to learn a song and get it into my body and memory to make it effortless
  • Unlocking my range in many different styles
  • Warming up my voice in a quicker, easier, and more effective way.
  • Making me comfortable in exploring different styles
  • Showing me what I am capable of and how most of my limits are just in my head and aren’t true.
  • Making sounds at pitches that I didn’t realise were possible.

Working with Craig is a pleasure. He always has an answer to my questions and he always has an approach in achieving something that I want to achieve. He is very kind, very fun, funny, and makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I always enjoy my lessons and feel like I achieve so much in every lesson.

James Eggleton

Actor and Singer, London

I got in contact with Craig when I started composing and singing again after a 5-year break. When I got back into composing, I decided to take my vocals seriously. I had been to a couple of other teachers around London and had done quite a few of the online courses. I had got to the stage where I was comfortably in my ‘mix’ but knew there were lots of gaps in my knowledge, and I knew that my voice needed to go up a level.

I knew from some of the videos online that Craig knew what he was talking about and at an initial consultation lesson, that was confirmed.

I put 100% trust in Craig’s knowledge and advice and practised – a lot!

From the work we’ve done together I now have a much greater understanding of the voice in terms of different voice textures, belting, support, placement etc. I could really go on for a long time.

Working with Craig has got to be one of my most rewarding experiences ever; really friendly and chilled and it was great making discoveries with him. I’m currently recording a CD and under the microscopic glare of audio recording, any voice issues are greatly magnified. Previously I would just sing and think that that was part of my artistry. Now, I can (mostly) identify what the problems are and then address them with the tools I have learnt.

Cheers mate 🙂

Jagtar Behal

Singer, London

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