Technique, Voice Qualities, Style and Song Application

You probably fall in to one or more of the following categories:
  • You have limited or no vocal technique or maybe you need new tools to add to your existing technique.
  • You don’t have a tangible way to explore head voice, chest voice, falsetto, mix, belting and everything in between.
  • You don’t know how to “support” your voice, how to breathe when singing or how to find resonance to boost your sound
  • You find it difficult to cross genres and styles
  • You can’t apply your technique, scales and exercises in to actually singing songs!
  • You’re a voice geek who wants to geek-out but also find their vocal holy grail.
  • You get easily fatigued when singing or are recovering from vocal injury

You need a personalised technique that gives you the necessary vocal freedom to allow you to sing the material you want to sing in a healthy way. I draw from many vocal methodologies as well as my own experience as a voice coach and touring singer/actor to help you design your own technique. In the end, I’m here to help you find the path that suits your needs.

In our initial session, we’ll take your voice for a ride and come up with a plan to achieve your vocal goals and then work from there.

I’ve learned so much from Craig, he’s helped me with: How to learn a song and get it into my body and memory to make it effortless; unlocking my range in many different styles; warming up my voice in a quicker, easier, and more effective way; making me comfortable in exploring different styles; showing me what I am capable of and how most of my limits are just in my head and aren’t true; making sounds at pitches that I didn’t realise were possible.

James Eggleton

Actor and Singer, London

For all you voice geeks out there I draw from the following vocal methodologies amongst others:

Estill Model – Based on scientific research this model teaches you the ability to consciously control the structures that affect voice quality. I’ve also got effective ways to put your new found technical skills in to your songs.

Brett Manning Method – I’m the UK’s only Brett Manning Associate. If you’re a commercial singer or love the head voice, chest voice, mix voice world, I’ve got some cool stuff to share with you from my time spent on music row in Nashville with some of the best singers in the world.

Fitzmaurice Voicework™ – The Body, Breath and Soul of Voicework. If you love technique but also want to get deep with your connection to your body, breath, presence and connection with your audience while singing then let me take you on this journey.

Design your own vocal technique

Stage Fright and Confidence


You may have a solid technique or not but in the end you still get overwhelmed by nerves when you get up to sing which can choke the voice.

Or maybe you’re keeping it together but nerves prevent you from connecting with your audience, letting rip with your voice or enjoying yourself. Its the classic performers’ dichotomy – you have a deep desire to get up there but you are also terrified and don’t know how to overcome this terror! You may even be afraid to sing in front of ANYONE, including a voice teacher.

What you need is a safe space to explore your voice and a way of channeling the charged energy(that currently manifests itself as nerves) in to the exciting energy that makes your performance powerful and profound.

“Working with Craig is a pleasure. He is very kind, very fun, funny, and makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I always enjoy my lessons and feel like I achieve so much in every lesson.” ~ James Eggleton, Actor and Singer, London

I provide a safe space for you to explore your voice, make mistakes, make silly sounds together, and in the end reach your personalised vocal goals.

I have found true magic in learning how to work ‘with’ my nervous system… It’s moved me beyond the crippling fear of ‘am I good enough’, and shown me exciting ways to work with emotions, fears and insecurities that are process driven and contribute to the connection, truth and aliveness of a performance.


Actor, Singer and Yoga Teacher, London

If you’re getting stage fright, your nervous system is out of whack!

We can work directly with the nervous system through presence exercises so you can achieve that powerful stage presence that audiences go mad for.

Find your powerful stage presence

Singing from the Soul

You may be a singer who doesn’t like a technical approach to the voice or maybe you’ve got technique coming out of your ears and looking for something else or MAYBE you want technique but you also want to dig deep. Whoever you are, you’re looking for a way to deeply connect to yourself, your material, your audience and the space you perform in.

You are not alone. Every artist wants to sing from their soul but few manage to do it because they don’t know how.

Let me take you through explorations in to the breath, body, voice and presence with Fitzmaurice Voicework™. We’ll go on a journey together to find your authentic self within your singing voice; connect with your material on a personal and emotional level; move your audience in a profound way; and connect with your powerful stage presence in any venue from living rooms to west end theatres!

His warmth and playfulness create a safe and nurturing environment for his students. His love of people and sense of humour make each of his lessons memorable and a joy to be part of.

Helena Walsh

European Director of The Fitzmaurice Voicework Institute & Artistic Director and Founder of Helena Walsh Voice Studio, Temple Bar, Dublin

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