My Approach

Voice, Presence and Fulfilling Your Potential

Like many people, you’ve probably lost that childhood freedom to play in life. No longer can you run around a playground expressing yourself fully with your voice and body, connecting openly with others.

You’ve lost your sense of abandon and your ability to make things up as you go along in the moment to reach your desired outcome.

Your body may be tense, your breathing and voice restricted and you get stuck in your head when things get a bit intense in life. You don’t have access to your whole self and therefore you’re not fulfilling your potential.

My Approach is based on Fitzmaurice Voicework™, a somatic approach to voice work that will guide you back to the Freedom you had as a child with the necessary Focus to channel this energy in to your various adult contexts.

Fitzmaurice Voicework™ has 4 Pillars which we will explore:

Destructuring will allow you to release held muscles in the body to free your breathing, voice, body and experience of life

Restructuring will connect your inner instincts, wants and needs to the outside world with a healthy and powerful vocal and physical expression

Presence work will enable you to skilfully work with the charge you get when people pay attention to you. The energy “stage fright” once had will become the exciting energy which powers your performance

Play allows the work to integrate in to different settings so you can learn to improvise with your new found skills and experiences with that sense of childhood abandon

Working with Craig has got to be one of my most rewarding experiences ever; really friendly and chilled and it was great making discoveries with him

Jagtar Behal

Singer, London

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Your Big Moment

Presence and Stage Fright

It’s the moment before you go on. Your heart is beating fast, your mind is going 100 miles per hour and you’re not sure you remember what to say.

You are trying desperately to prepare for your big moment which is in a few minutes but you’re finding it hard to bring yourself in to the present moment.

There’s a lot of stimulation in your body right now and you are becoming overwhelmed, unable to breathe and your voice is tight and shaky.

You need to be able to be fully present, in the moment and free to move, speak and express yourself in any way necessary to serve your story.

You want to be that person who moves their audience, whoever they are, and take them on an emotional journey.

This can be a life-changing experience for you and for the audience.

But how are you going to do that when your body is frozen solid and your mind is feeding your fear with scenarios of failure!

The stakes are high.

This is happening right now and the audience won’t lie – they’ll either like it or they won’t and you will know it if they don’t!


There are 3 things happening here:

  • You are experiencing the stimulation of Charge
  • Your response to the Charge is to freeze, panic or block it out
  • You are not enjoying the experience!

I have found true magic in learning how to work ‘with’ my nervous system


Actor, Singer and Yoga Teacher, London

In our work together you will get familiar with the experience of Charge; learn what to do with it and work WITH your nervous system; and find the love in being present for your big moments again or maybe even for the first time!

We will look at 3 ways to recreate the Stimulation of Charge:

  1. Physical Stimulation
    You will explore adapted yoga positions and tremorwork® from Fitzmaurice Voicework™- no need to worry about fitness. The positions can be adapted to your own body’s needs.
  2. Imagination Stimulation
    You will learn to use the imagination to prepare you for the actual event of getting up there.
  3. Attention Stimulation
    You will experience what it feels like to have people’s attention in one to one and/or audience scenarios

Come and play in a safe space where you can explore what it is to have profound presence at a pace that works for you and finally have a way to channel all that energy in to your big moment rather than in to your fear.

Prepare for your big moment


For your big moment you’ve got to have a voice that can express what is required of your role and do that in a healthy way.

You must also have access to your authentic, powerful voice as a person who has a message to share with the world.

BUT you have one or more of the following problems:

  • You’re having trouble finding a voice that feels authentic to you or that fits with the current role. It feels fake.
  • You don’t like the sound of your own voice
  • You’re worried that your voice won’t last the performance run
  • Your voice feels blocked, tight, tired or overused
  • You’re recovering from a vocal injury
  • Your voice feels disconnected from your body and breath
  • You’re voice is unable to fill the space
  • You don’t have a technique to sing songs the way you need or want to sing them

You need a way to gain the necessary freedom in your voice to prepare you for your current project that gives you access to YOUR authentic voice or the character’s voice in a powerful and healthy way.

In our work together, we can explore:

  • connecting your present inner experience to the outside world with the voice giving you power and confidence to express yourself and move people
  • working physically and vocally to find your voice or the character’s voice while still being connected to your inner life
  • learning to love your voice and being compassionate towards yourself
  • a healthy connection to the breath and the body that supports your need to speak
  • resonance, range and articulation to enable you to communicate your message to the entire theatre
  • techniques to recover the voice after injury or fatigue due to overuse and abuse
  • singing technique to learn how to produce a range of different voice qualities from head voice all the way through to belting in a safe, embodied way that is easily applied in to your songs. You’ll also extend your range, increase resonance and have a full vocal warm up to prepare for practice, rehearsals and performances.

I wanted to work with my voice from a somatic perspective and to explore the emotional and psychological barriers that create blockages in my voice and how I perform. I was looking for a tuned in way to find greater freedom, expression and potential in both my voice and my performance as a whole… Craig is empathic and wise. He really listens and works with what’s in the room. I feel comfortable bringing my whole self and know I always experience a shift that feels profound. Thank you!


Actor, Singer and Yoga Teacher, London

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Page to Stage

You have words on a page but have no idea how to bring them to life on stage.

You may have an initial feeling about these words but have no idea how to put this in motion.

Or maybe you don’t understand them deeply enough.

You need a system of text analysis that doesn’t remain in your head. That moves from an intellectual understanding in to feeling and action.

This is where we will look at Meisner Technique Script Analysis. For each scene, song, presentation, pitch, poem or whatever your text is, you’ll learn:

  • What you or the character is doing so there’s absolutely no doubt when you go on
  • How you or the character feel about what you or they are doing to understand your material on an emotional level. This will also allow you to explore different points of view which makes you easily directable to a director, coach or yourself
  • What you or the character wants so you’re clear about what outcome you are going for
  • How to improvise as yourself or the character with the dynamics of the scene or scenario giving you freedom within your specific context
  • How to personalise the character to your own inner emotional life so the reality of the moment is truthful
  • Tools to behave like the character behaves to create the illusion for your audience or tools to communicate your whole self to your audience

This will give you a way from taking words on a page all the way through to authentic, truthful behaviour that is line with the intentions of the text and moves your audience in a profound way.

Actors! This text and character work will mean you are fully prepared prior to rehearsals while still being totally open to and able to execute direction at the drop of a hat. Your director will be a happy camper!

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