The Talky Way

We sit down together and talk about what’s really going on with you. You’ll look in to all the parts of you – thoughts, feelings, perceptions, your intuition. The bits you like and the bits you don’t. The squeaky clean side that society accepts and the dark side that nobody knows about. (Guess what – we’ve all got it!! Shhhh don’t tell anyone!!) We’ll look at your passions, dreams and goals and what’s getting in the way. This will all be done in an environment of love and acceptance which you’ll learn to provide for yourself and give you the power you need to create the life story you want to tell!

The Body Way

From simple meditation, physical awareness and gently awakening the senses to full on, on the floor, on a yoga mat exploring letting go of body tensions to free your breathing, mind, body and spirit. You’ll learn full body meditation, adapted yoga positions, and how to listen to what your mind and body are telling you. There’s something for everyone. Have you ever thought about how much you hold your breath or how high your shoulders are in difficult situations? Learn how this affects your experience of life and how you can express yourself more fully when you let go!

The Voice Way

Great for professional voice users. This includes Public speakers, Actors, Singers, Salespeople and people who want to improve their communications with family, friends, partners and co-workers. You know that terrifying feeling when you get up in front of a crowd or speak in a meeting or even if you suddenly get attention at a party? Do you freeze and not know what to do or say? Does this happen one on one as well? Learn how to use that energy creatively and be the life and soul with your authentic voice!

The Combo Way

We’ll mix and match how we explore and maybe even come up with new ways to work! Each person is unique and sessions will be completely different from one person to the next!

LGBTQIA Community

A special shout out to the people in the LGBTQIA community who I know often feel excluded or fearful of meeting new people or keep who they are a secret or are worried that they won’t be accepted fully. Rest assured, you are accepted in my house and everything we talk about it strictly confidential!

Corporate Community

Ok folks. So you may be thinking: “I don’t want to end up sitting on top of a mountain with a stick up my ass meditating” Believe me, neither do I! I used to be a lawyer. I’ve been on both sides of the fence here and want to help you find real positive changes in your potential in the REAL world.

Performance Art Community

My Brothers and Sisters in the performing world. Come on down!! I’ve been an actor all my life and would love to meet you. Maybe you’re looking for another artist to facilitate your personal growth or there’s a role you’re preparing for or you want a mixture of both Life Coaching and performance training. Either way, let’s work together! I also teach singing and voice. Check out the About Me page for a more in depth history of my experience.


Whoever you are, all are welcome so hit me up and lets get growing!

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