The day has finally arrived where I tell the world about CraigDCoaching! The website is built, the copy is to my liking, the logo is done, I’ve got a big happy smiley face like in the photo and I’m just about to hit the Facebook page invite button 1,231 times…..

Cut to reality:

Craig pre button.This is the REAL photo which I sent to my friend in New Jersey the moment before I hit the button! I got up in the morning, didn’t bother to shower and began the prep work for today in my PJs! We actually used to have PJ days at her house on the lake. “We don’t get dressed until all the work is done!” Thanks Mamma Zuke.

Although I sent this as a joke and had no intentions of showing ANYONE else (Craig’s unwashed hair and grey slippers – not a good look!) it got me thinking. I was actually afraid of coming out as a Life Coach. But what was I afraid of? I began clicking the invites one by one and looking at all the people I’d became friends with over the years. “Oh no, not sure I should send this to them, they’re definitely going to laugh in my face.” “That guy will probably post something angry at me.” “You have no clue what you are doing, Craig!” “Now that you’re a life coach you can never do anything else and you can never do anything wrong ever again!!!” Wait! Who IS that??! Who are any of these voices?? Are these the people I’m inviting on Facebook? Are they me telling myself that? Man I feel anxious!

Cut to less than an hour later with 100 likes and so many messages of: “All the best in your new venture!” “Sounds so exciting!” “I do hope your new venture goes well!” Nothing but love. (especially for the word venture!) Phew!!

So who are the party pooper voices?? Are they me? Are they you? Nope. They’re thoughts. Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes they are not but either way they are not who I am. Earlier today I believed them for a bit which made me not want to hit the button! Then I realised: “Duh! They’re just thoughts Craig.” “Oh yeah! Cheers mate!” and I hit the button!

The creativity underneath all those thoughts is what fascinates me and our journey to getting there. I like both of those photos above. It was hard to allow myself to be imperfect when trying to market myself as this one idea. I’m not that idea. I’m neither of those photos! I love that we are not one thing and so complex and different moment to moment and flawed! So beautifully flawed!! I’m really excited to continue the exploration of what it is to be human and party with you guys while I’m doing it!

Pyjama party anyone???