About Me

I grew up loving performing! I was always creating characters and putting on shows for an audience on stage and film. (the stage being my hallway and film being shot on my dad’s 90s video camera) I had no issues getting up in front of people and letting rip, showing them all of who I was in that moment! It was all very natural as a kid. Then puberty hit!

I liken my experience of growing up to what happened to Robin Williams in the film, Hook. He played Peter Pan but he had grown up and forgotten who he was. He forgot about Neverland; forgot all his magical friends; forgot how to fly and worst of all he became a lawyer!

Well that’s exactly what happened to me without even realising. I lost touch with who I was, my ability to create and express myself and also my love of sharing that with the world. I went from a young, vibrant, compelling performer who filled his audience with joy……. to a lawyer.

In court I was a terrified, shaky voiced self doubter who had lost his ability to enjoy being seen and heard by others. Later in my legal career I covered this up with great bravado which was sometimes effective but just not who I truly was and a mere shadow of my former self.

My training as an actor gave me back my childhood superpowers. Today, in the adult world this means I have the voice and presence to share my message with the world.

I’ve had it, lost it and got it back again. I’ve met so many people over the years in the same boat and guided them back using the work I explored, and continue to explore, in my own journey.

Maybe you’ve also lost who you are along the way or maybe you’ve never known who you truly are and want to find your voice and presence.

“Craig has shown me what I am capable of and how most of my limits are just in my head and aren’t true.” ~ James Eggleton, Actor, London

Below is the story of my journey back to myself

Let me facilitate your own journey back to yourself so you can share that with the world

His warmth and playfulness create a safe and nurturing environment for his students. His love of people and sense of humour make each of his lessons memorable and a joy to be part of

Helena Walsh

European Director of The Fitzmaurice Voicework Institute & Artistic Director and Founder of Helena Walsh Voice Studio, Temple Bar, Dublin

My Journey (So far…)

I grew up in a wee town called Denny in the countryside of Scotland and still have the same best friends as I had when I was 15! I was deputy head boy at high school and had my first taste of whisky at the age of 12. (Sorry dad it was me!)

I have an older brother and 2 nephews and a niece who mean the world to me! The best title I’ve ever been given and the only one I’ve ever really cared about is Uncle Craig!

I used to be a lawyer!

Says it all in the title really. People normally do a little gasp when I mention that one. I went to Dundee University, did my legal traineeship and was a fully qualified criminal defence lawyer! Courtrooms, gowns, the works! After a few years I realised that it wasn’t like Ally McBeal and I quit my job at the wonderful Culley & McAlpine Solicitors (check them out if you ever commit a crime in Perth, Scotland) to become an actor. I trained at….

Royal Conservatoire Scotland

That’s where I got my Masters in Musical Theatre Performance lead by the now, artistic director of Dundee Rep Theatre, Andrew Panton. The letters after my name are now more than my dad’s fulfilling a life long ambition. In your face Bob!!

Craig Deuchar LLb(HONS), Dip LP, NP, M(Perf) Musical Theatre

An eclectic mix of letters to say the least!

After graduating from RCS I toured around the UK and Europe with musicals including Sunshine On Leith (The Proclaimers Rock musical with Dundee Rep) and Evita with Bill Kenwright Productions. After working in musicals for a few years I decided I wanted to go deeper in to acting and discovered….

The Meisner Technique

I trained at the Actors Temple on Warren Street where I later taught the work. It taught me how to be emotionally open; how to listen to others and myself; and how to express myself fully in the moment. It was also a place to train my already vivid imagination!(an entire childhood of believing I was a wizard served me well!)I then learned how to teach the Meisner work there and at….

The London Group Theatre

I studied under Tom Radcliffe, artistic director of the London Group Theatre and direct student of Sanford Meisner, one of the most profound acting teachers of the 20th Century. I directed Chekhov’s Three Sisters under Tom’s mentorship and put it on at the Cockpit Theatre in London.

The really cool thing about it was that we rehearsed in a giant log cabin in Poland in the dead of winter – working and living together surrounded by 3 feet of snow in the Polish mountains. Sledging at lunch in the back garden was compulsory!!

World renowned violin player Nigel Kennedy was our musical director. He played live every night, wrote original music and even had a cameo in the play as a violin playing beggar!! Try directing a genius at work. Hint: You Don’t!

Fitzmaurice Voicework™

I’d been teaching singing for years and wanted to do some “actor voice” stuff along with the Meisner work and double-taked when I received an email that Catherine Fitzmaurice herself would be coming to London.

She’s a world renowned voice teacher whose work is very popular in America. It’s taught at Harvard and Yale. She is like Mother Earth with long, thick, white snowy hair and she’s a bit of a clown! (needless to say we got on great!)

Her psychosomatic bodywork and voicework completely changed the way I looked at and understood the world. I did the 2 year training with her and became one of her certified Associate teachers. My explorations continue within the beautiful Fitzmaurice Community to this day.

I’m sure you’re gathering by now that I LOVE to learn or as my friends put it: “You’re a course addict!”

I haven’t stopped! Most recently I got in to the…

Unitive Approach to Personal and Professional Development Coaching. (Man that is a mouthful!)

I met Charles Bentley PhD 2 years ago. He’s a wise old man, 87, and kinda looks like Santa Claus. He has a PhD in Psychology and over the past 35 years developed a cool way of coaching based on Humanist and Gestalt Psychology which he developed during and after his work as a psychotherapist.

His work in to human potential was so candid, accepting, honest and really let me discover what true authenticity was. It also complimented the work I had already done. I came across Charles at a time of struggle when my mum was terminally ill and later died at the age of 60.

Charles’ work helped me grow from the single most life-changing event I had ever experienced. After 2 years of working together, Charles certified me as a Unitive Coach.

So there you have it!

From a wee boy running around the Scottish countryside to a coach living in London and travelling the world. I hope this gives you an insight in to what I’m about but let’s face it, until we meet and start working together, we have no idea what will happen. I can’t wait to find out!

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